Tsunami Jones

What is a Tsunami?Edit

A Tsunami is essentially a big tidal wave. Always created by an earthquake or evil genius, tsunami's leave a wake of damage across the landscape they hit. The deadliest tsunami was the one from Boxing Day 2004, which ocurred in the Indian Ocean.

The ScenarioEdit

You're out fishing at the beach. Its a nice hot day. You have your boat nearby, some lunch, a few fish you caught and of course, your fishing rod. All of a sudden, the water begins to recede, leaving the beach. You wait, hoping it's normal. You then see a shape on teh horizon, getting closer and closer. Too late you realise it's a tsunami.


The SolutionEdit

Well. The smart thing is to run as soon as the water leaves the beach. You should get the boat as far as you can from the water and sit in it with basic supplies. If that seems stupid, get to a safe secure building with lots of floors.

However, if you don't run when the water starts to leave, you are pretty screwed. In the time it takes to get somewhere safe, the tsunami will probably have overtaken you, killing you in the process.


As soon as the water starts to leave the beach, RUN!